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If You Answered Yes To Any Of These Questions, Then Online Racing School Is Perfect For You!

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Bob Bolles, and Bubba Gale are the founders and operators of the Online Racing School. Here you will learn all about the parts and pieces of a race car and how to design and setup those cars for maximum performance.

This is the perfect format for learning. You can progress in your school courses at your own pace. You can do this at home, or anywhere you have access to a computer or tablet. It is easy, fun and very affordable.

Take advantage of many years of racing industry knowledge from some of the most talented and experienced experts we could find. Over the next years time, we will be adding more and more courses dealing with subjects such as Race Car Technology, Race Car Force Measurement and Design, Dirt Car Setup, How To Crew Chief A Winning Team, Race Shock Design and Tuning, Race Car Driving School, and more.

These multiple courses will be presented by industry experts and will prove valuable for anyone from novice to professionals. Everyone will gain knowledge from taking our courses.

The Online Racing School courses contain the very latest in racing technology. Racing technology evolves year to year and you will keep up with the current trends by becoming a student at ORS.

Get to know all of the systems and parts of a modern day race car. Become an expert at setting up and tuning the chassis. The information is valuable for all race car types.

Earn a certificate after completion of Race Car Technology, Levels One, Two and Three to show perspective employers, use for advancement within your team, or just to show off to your friends and family.

Check out our currently available Courses and ones that will be available soon. Be sure to look for Discounted Bundled Courses that contain multiple courses on the same subject that.

Online Racing School Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are The Online Racing School Courses All About?

The many dedicated courses contained in ORS explain and define all of the chassis systems associated with a race car. These systems are unique to true race cars while being common in many cases between different classes and forms of racing. The information is carefully presented so that anyone can understand it.

We also present courses on a variety of race industry topics such as How To Be A Crew Chief, How To Tech A Race Car, Race Car Driving Instruction, and more.

What Can I Expect To Get Out of the ORS Courses?

The end goal for anyone who seeks further knowledge of race car technology is to help make a race car faster and how to participate in capacities beyond race car setup. The course will teach you how professionals build, design, setup and compete with their cars to win races and championships.

Even if you have never raced or will race, the information presented in these courses will teach you how those who do race accomplish their success. For those who race or will be a part of a race team, ORS will help you get much better and reach your goal of winning races.

Who Are The ORS Courses For?

The courses are useful for anyone who is either already involved with racing or anyone who is interested to know more about how race cars are constructed and setup. If you have any interest in motorsports, desire to one day be a part of a race car team, or are now working with a team in some capacity, this course is necessary and beneficial.

Are The ORS Courses Overly Technical?

The many professional authors we use design these courses to be easy to understand and to follow along with the instructor. We know that some of you might not have any previous knowledge of race car technology, and so we wrote many of the ORS courses to help you get the information without being overly technical. The more technical presentations will be presented in the more advanced courses and you can judge by the descriptions of those courses if they are right for you.

Can I Skip any of the Level One courses and Go Directly To Level Two?

We highly recommend that everyone when starting out, no matter how much previous knowledge you have, take and understand the material in the Level One course before advancing to more involved Levels.

Many of our Courses are multi-part presentations and as such, it becomes important to understand Level One of each of these in order to comprehend the Levels that come after that. Each Level builds on the previous Level. Besides, these Courses are bundled so that you can take advantage of the discounted price for buying all of the Levels at one time.

Can I Earn My Very Own ORS Diploma

Once you have successfully completed the three Race Car Technology courses and passed the exams, you will receive a Certificate of Completion suitable for framing. This provides you with proof positive of having taken and retained important information about race car technology that you can show to others, including potential employers, fellow race team members and family.

Other courses may offer their own individual certificates depending on the authors choice. Each author is responsible for the content of their Courses and can offer discounts on parts and seminars that those authors may present.